Q. Why does my shopping cart show £0.00 when I have ordered a product ?
A. You may not have cookies enabled on your web browser. To use cookies you need to make sure that they are enabled in the internet browser security options. Our cookie is completely removed from your system once you have submitted your order and exited your browser.

To resolve this problem in Internet Explorer using Windows XP from Internet Explorer go to: tools>internet explorer>privacy & change setting down to Medium/High or lower from High or above.

Q. Why do some of the 'mailto:' links not work?
A. Some of the newer email packages like outlook365 require you to allow the 'mailto' option in settings. For example if you click to subscribe to our newsletter or you click on a link to send us email or artwork & nothing happens.

For example: if you are using the Google Chrome Web Browser & Outlook 365 as your email client then you will need to set the option in from your Outlook Mail; Go to File>Options>General> and in the Start Up Options select Defult Programmes & make sure under Protocols that the Mail To: option is ticked.

Q. Why can I currently only order up to 19 products at a time ?
A. Like most companies, we use a cookie on your computer to hold your order details, until you submit the order. There is a limit to the amount of information a cookie can hold. Due to the personalised nature of many of our products, the information collected in the cookie reaches its limit at 19 individual items. We are currently working on a new system with an unlimited capacity.

Q. Can I receive my order sooner than the 7 days quoted ?
A. We usually despatch products within 2-3 days, however if you need them even faster or for a specific date please telephone or e-mail our sales office.

E-mail sales@bestimpressions.co.uk